Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Closure of my 2010

Sitting here up in my room, I'm thinking about how this year 2010 has been for me. There wasn't much to say because it was just too ordinary I guess. Flashing back, what have I done? What have I been through? What had happened?

Jan 2010
It was the 5th month I started my first fulltime job after graduation. Nothing much this month, except the Norweigian Salmon workshop. I pretty much just stood there and watch while the students get the hand's-on experience. Oh, not forgetting the family crisis on the first day of the year. I predicted a bad start and yup. Affirmative!

Feb 2010
Hmm..February, February..Other than Chinese New Year break there wasn't really much going on. Just on the 14th February, a constant thought's of Zul. Because he was the reason I felt loved on the Valentine's Day a year before this. It was a simple text message, "Happy Valentines Day" after we had spent a few hours together watching the dark grey sky on the island. Other than that...nothing much.

Mar 2010
The most exciting month of the YEAR! I went Roadtripping! Thailand..ahh yess Thailand. I went with Phyllis, Wendy and KK for about a little more than a week. It was an awesome and speedboat torturing experience! BUT BREATHE TAKING views of beautiful islands and beaches. Of course not forgetting a nice tan! Gawd! Gotta miss that TAN! I wished Zul would have joined me, but he couldn't because of his travelling restrictions. On that island we could have beer bottles in our hands and just walked around like it was our home! People were so laid back and friendly. Gonna have to go back again! Sometime soon I hope!

Apr 2010
For work, it was just meetings after meetings and stresses OVER stresses. It was all hardwork. But then again, the highlight of this month of the year would be..the EVER SO GREAT KELLY CLARKSON's CONCERT!! Cheaaaaaaayaaaaaaaa! I went with my Sister of course..diehard fans of KC. We had a reaaaaaaaaaaally good time singing along and screaming our lungs out till we lose our voice. It was memorable..TOO memorable. It only lasted for 2 hours. But it was worth it! We were in the ROCK ZONE BABY!

May 2010
Labour day first day of the month, PUBLIC Holis for sure! Then another exciting event that happened this month AFC event whom had brought the ever so beautiful Laura Calder to the university for a 3 nights dinner!! It was a really taxing event, so much to do and too many dramas that actually went on too. But being able to snap a picture with her at the end of the programme it was..SO WORTH IT. Then, I also got invited to attend one of Zul's student's dinner event up in Genting. It was a great night too, and the food was good. And I think the students did manage to pull it off with cool bidding system to SELL their beverages. Great job guys. Then, we, KahWing, Elaine, and Zhen Hui also spent a night up in Genting after the dinner. That was one of the best time I have had being able to spend sometime with him.

June 2010
Uhm...neh..nothing much.

July 2010
OH! I cannot forget this trip. It involves buffalos and car crash. I got invited to attend Vivien's wedding in Penang. So me and Zul decided to travel by night to Penang after work. As I was driving, 110KM/hr on the highway after a pitstop. For some reasons, I saw something awkward on the road. Then I flashed my HEADLIGHTS. BAM! 3 Buffalos were crossing the road and I had to drift immediately to avoid it BUT I failed to avoid the crash from the car below. I was terrified, so was Zul. It was horrible that I couldn't even THINK straight. But thanks to Zul to have been by my side and had some how "entertained" those other people involved. Don't really wished to go into so much details about this. But there goes the ride and the drive. Knowing my parents would not be so happy about this, I didn't call them until the sun's up which was the next day. AS long as we were BOTH not hurt. It won't be a great deal.

Aug 2010
Not interested to highlight anything about work. But I did go for a mini roadtrip with some friends. Leetien, her sister, and Zhen hui to Malacca. I've invited Zul to come too but, due to some restrains he couldn't make it. I wished he did though. All about this trip was..FOOD FOOD and FOOD.

Sept 2010
This month, is considered an up hill and down hill of my love story. It was Hari Raya break, he went back to hometown. Oh man...I missed him. I missed him so much. Yet there he went and gave me this cold shot. However, during the times he was in hometown, we caught up. Text messages, and phone calls. I love them. It was the first time, after a long time, he actually said "I love you" over the phone. I love this man with all my might and mind and soul. "I love you" was the 3 words I've been longing to hear from him. He said it, he said it finally. I was thinking, it was all worth while.

Oct 2010
YAY! My birthday month! My birthday party wasn't really that amusing because some fight scene got into action. Let's no need to go there. It was dissappointing because I did not get to spend it with Zul. I had to make a phone call to him and invited him again to come out yet I got rejected. But he pulled it off with "Happy Birthday" and "I love you" how amazing was that? After that, we didn't really spend time like how we used to. We didn't texted or talked on the phone as often as we used to. It was a heartbroken month for me after all.

Nov 2010
The heartaches from the previous month, lingers. I was losing focus. My love life shatters like broken pieces of mirrors. I gave up (literally). It was the most down times of my life. I realized, a friend in need, is never a case of a friend in deed. The friends that I thought I had, the friends that I thought I could turn to like how they turned to me when they needed some company. I was wrong. Friends, can be selfish most of the time. Sometimes they are not willing to give up that couple hours just because you have gave yours to them. It was never the case. Never. Never. And November, work was disasterous. Zul was the only one I could turn to, to talk about work problems. But, he is not there anymore. I figured, crying was the only thing I could do. November 2010 were my "trail of tears"

Dec 2010
Needless to say just YET.

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